Expert to the Digital Forensics and Computer Investigations

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Forensics is basically the application of scientific procedures to get proof to a legal issue. Computer forensics therefore is the application of this techniques on computer systems or computer data for the same purpose. Before specializing in computer forensics, the experts have to familiarize themselves with computer science.

However, much of the digital forensics is taught through infield practice or training. Most of the digital forensic experts happen to be police officers who are interested in generating digital evidence for legal use. Other are computer experts who become interested in the field to produce digital data as evidence in complicated cases.


Job Description

They are tasked with the generation of data needed for computer related crimes. This involves reconstruction and analysis of information vital in solving mysteries in investigation process. In today’s world, more people conduct business online and there is need to have such experts to reduce cyber-crimes.

Moreover, they look into cases if hacking, computer attacks and recovery of stolen or lost data from the wrong hands. This can be through recovering data from crashed hard drives, gathering and maintaining crucial evidence in erased drives while working closely with the original source of information like computers or any other digital device. They are called upon to conduct independent and dependent investigations for complex cases.


Education and Skills

It is basic that a digital detective has to be well versed with computer skills. This involves both software and hardware. Intricate knowledge in operating computer systems such as BIOS is very vital not mentioning familiarization with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Many higher learning institutions offer degrees in Computer Criminology. However, there are occasions where qualified candidates need not to have a degree to get this employment as so long as they demonstrate that they can have knowledge and skills about computer forensics. This happens for those who have pursued courses closely related to forensics such as criminal justice and information criminology.

Strong analytical and investigation skills are vital for this type of job. They come in handy when reading, interpreting and formulating relevant conclusions to findings of an investigation. The evidence must be simplified in a way that’s easy to understand.

Salary and Compensation

The good side towards pursuing this career is that one is assured of a good salary and job security. Today’s society uses computers on a daily basis and this creates some kind of job surety for a qualified candidates. In addition, the median of a forensics experts is estimated to be around $70000 per year.

There are private digital experts who are contracted to work for private firms. Although the contracts are not steady, one is sure of fetching up to $400 per hour. This includes profit sharing, tips, commissions and other relevant forms of cash earnings depending on the country one is in.

Where To Go For Data Recovery In Miami

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Miami boasts of a large range of various data recovery services, from supposed experts to computer repair stores. But it still might be difficult for you to get the most effective recovery services. Data recovery Miami provides you an easily reached station, where you can drop your damaged external or internal tape, flash drive, Raid or hard drive. It has had many years of working experience in retrieval of lost data from all storage devices.


What is data recovery Miami and how does it function?

data recovery MiamiData recovery Miami is service data Retrieval Company, which is specialized in extraction and storage of lost data from failed storage devices. If you are not in a position to access your data, then this company can provide you assistance in retrieval of your important files from Android smart phone, Apple iPhone, camera memory card, SSD -solid state drive, USB flash drive, Mac computer, tape drive, NAS & SAN server, RAID disk array system, external Hard Disk Drive, laptop/ desktop computer and many more irrespective of file type, brand or operating system. Its engineers will make sure recovery of your data using specialized equipment and reliable techniques in a safe lab. Its engineers have more than 16 years of experience in repairing exchange database and corrupted SQL and then restoring data from unbootable RAID systems. It has all the equipments and tools for handling any data retrieval need, which includes SQL database recovery, server recovery, SD camera card recovery, Apple Mac computer recovery, hard drive repair, RAID data recovery, hard drive recovery and many more. In order to seek more information, you can contact data recovery in Miami or make a request for assistance on its concerned website. Its expert will be too glad to help you.

Where should you go for data recovery in Miami?

The only data Recovery Company in Miami is DriveSavers which holds SAS 70 Type II certifications for protection of the integrity of your personal data, carries out all recoveries in an ISO 5 certified clean room to increase the chances of full recovery and is certified to restore data from encrypted drives and files.

The service of data recovery company in Miami

  • The company explained above provides the most reliable, fastest and certified safe data recovery service in Miami. Some of its services are as follows:
  • Most reliable, fastest and certified data recovery service
  • Quickest standard turnaround time at 24 to 48 hours
  • Highest success rates of data recovery since the year of 1985
  • All media and computer operating systems including SAN, NAS, encrypted high-capacity RAID, tape, solid state drives and hard drives
  • Immediate access to veteran data recovery advisors
  • Cisco® Self-Defending Network and SAS 70 Type II certification make sure data security
  • Most technologically advanced ISO 5 certified clean room
  • Certified engineers, who safely restore encrypted drives and files to shun expensive repair of computer
  • Options of data recovery to fulfill your every need
  • Initial estimate is strong and will not beyond the highest amount quoted
  • Recommended and authorized by leading manufacturers of storage device
  • Proper and safe recycling of outdated and old storage devices


What A Tape Data Recovery Expert Can Do?

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Importance of tape data recovery expert

Tape data recovery is a complete procedure in itself that requires the skills of tape data recovery expert. Tape data recovery is highly complicated linear tape data. Since data gets recorded on a long strand of tape, examining data for spotting errors is a time-consuming and tedious process. Since tape data recovery is very hard, veteran experts need to be employed for restoring tape data. This tape data recovery is also carried out quicker when executed in a clean room where data is manipulated in a proper order and maintained safe and secure. Security is a major concern while dealing with tape data since most of the companies store very useful and valuable financial data on tape backups.


 Tapes are used for storage of a substantial amount of data. This chiefly depends on the space that remains available to them. If one does not take care of the tapes, then they can lose the data which is saved inside. This can create a great loss to an organization since most of the organizations store their pertinent documents there. Tape data reco

tape data recovery expertvery entails whole process where corrupted data are completely stored. Data recovery comprises of a team of expert who are ready to work hard to ensure that every kind of data is recovered. With this kind of data which is lost because of exposure to water, can be recovered, but this depends on how pertinent the data is. There are many experts of tape data recovery, who make sure that that with a few steps, they can recover tape data even in the event of tape being damaged by water.

Steps adopted by tape data recovery expert for recovery of lost data

  • The expert puts the tapes in orderly fashion. The one that contains the most important data is regarded as the first to be recovered whereas those having less important data mentioned on the last list where the data can be recovered afterwards. This will save you much time that you could have wasted carrying out work all the tapes. Moreover, you need not pay for less important data.
  • They prioritize the tapes. Prioritization will allow you to select those which carry some best information.

Tape data recovery experts understand how pertinent your data is. This is cause why they provide an emergency service, a quick specialized investigation and a free no commitment cite for basic recuperation. Their technology and experience make sure that the opportunities of accomplishment for your basic information are unrivaled. Their information recuperation procedure is absolutely transparent. Pieces of information will be provided to you throughout the process of recovery by a diligent and dedicated consultant. They will thoroughly make analysis of your hard drive to set up the extent of the data loss, prior to providing a fixed quote for the recovery to you. Some of their services include the following:

  • 24:7:365 services available
  • 7% recovery rate
  • Certified by IEC/ ISO/ 90001 and Data Protection Act
  • Laboratory facilities and Class 100 clean room
  • Immediate analysis and inspection

Undelete Software Usually Doesn’t Delete Your Data

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Undelete software is user friendly file recovery tool, which is absolutely free and really works exceptionally. There is hardly anything worse than loss of files whether through disaster or carelessness. This software will help you in cases such as scanning your computer for your deleted files and being dependent on the circumstances let you recover them. This software will do scanning of any drive whether part of the computer or connected through a USB port. Once this software has done scanning for your files, it will provide you a list. Each and every entry is graded in accordance with how you will recover the file. You can do grouping of the results in accordance with folder location or file type. This file type is useful since it makes it easy for pinpointing where Word documents, music, photos etc are located.

What does undelete software do for you?

undelete softwareBy thoroughly checking a file, undelete software will provide you lots of pieces of information through the tabs at the top of the chief interface. Like all file recovery programs, the chances of successful recovery differ considerably, but with this software, the process is made very simple and easy. If you have deleted a file accidentally, then this software is one of your best accomplices to restore it back. Undelete is an extraordinary feature for restoring files of computer, which have been deleted by file deletion from a file system. Deleted data are recoverable on most of the file systems, but all file systems fail to provide a feature of undeletion. The facility of Windows 7/Vista undeletion is usually called as undelete program or undelete tool.

What steps you need to take?

  • First of all, you need to launch Data Recovery Wizard and choose the file types, which you want to get back. Having done this, you need to click “Next” button for switching over to the next step.
  • Secondly, choose the disk where you lose your data and then click the button of ‘Scan’. This software will rapidly do scanning of the chosen disk for getting back all your targeted files. In case, you lost your partition, then choose ‘Lost Disk Drives and ‘Scan’ in order to continue the process of recovery.
  • After scanning, you are free to preview all the recoverable files one by one and choose which you want. Having done this, click the button ‘Recover’ for getting them back. At this point, you should save all the recovered files on another disk for avoidance of data overwriting.

Important features of undelete software

  • Undelete folders and files emptied from Recycle Bin
  • Unformatted partition from hard drives formatted on EXT2/EXT3, NTFS, FAT32 and FAT 16 file systems.
  • Recover folder and files erased through DOS or Windows Command Line.
  • Get back temporary backup files made by applications such as Photoshop, Word etc.
  • Long filenames and support localized
  • File recovery from formatted logical, missing partition, lost or deleted drive.
  • File recovery from imaged hard disk drives
  • File recuperation from repartitioned drive.
  • EaseUS gives the most complete document undelete and undelete programming, for example, Information Recuperation Wizard for Windows

Possible Causes Of Multiple Drive Failure

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What is multiple drive failure?

Multiple drive failure is considered as one of the most frustrating issues for computer users, but it is also one of the simplest and easiest problems to get recovery from. If you have any suspicion about hard drive failure, then first of all you need to switch off your system. Having done this, you should have a free consultation from a shop of professional data recovery. Having a talk with a professional data recovery technician is absolutely free and will allow you to have an idea of what you are dealing with.

Causes of multiple drive failure

Mechanical Failure

Although many parts of a computer are electrical, the hard disk is considered as one of the important mechanical parts. So, it will certainly prove failure at some point. This kind of failure happens when the read-write head or other parts develop faults due to wear and tear. Its warning signs include noises like screeching, clicking or grinding. This shows that mechanical failure has developed. Quite similar to logical hard derive failure, frequent freezing and computer crashing are the common signs.

Logical Failure

This is a kind of non-physical failure that happens in a software or file structure of hard drive. Lots of factors are responsible for logical failure. They include corrupted files, human error and malware infections. This failure sometimes becomes so grave that the system stops to boot up. In many cases of such failure, a hard drive recovery service can restore data successfully since there is no damage to the hardware of drive. Its warning signs include sluggish system, disk errors and disappearing data. Other signs include ‘blue screen of death’ and computer crashes. As soon as you start experiencing such symptoms, the most appropriate thing to do is to support your data in case you haven’t done it already. If you are unable to access your data, hard disk recovery service can restore it.

Physical Damage

Shock, heat and water pose serious challenges and threats to external and internal hard drives. Both water and heat can cause considerable physical damage to electrical components of hard drives. These hard disks are not shock- resistant either. Therefore, physical impact or jarring drop can cause damage to the mechanical parts of the drive. Quite often, hard disk shock results in a head crash, which happens when the read-write head of the drive strikes the magnetic platter scratching the surface of the platter. As a result, irreparable data loss is caused. Its warning signs include insufficient ventilation, which can lead to overheating and at last cause considerable drive damage. You need to ensure that your fan of your computer is not blocked so that it can proffer sufficient ventilation. Bear in mind that your computer should not be too hot to touch. Shock damage and water can be difficult for avoidance. Typically, it happens quickly and with no warning. Taking good care of your computer is the most appropriate way of combating such risks.

How to avoid this menace?

You can overcome multiple drive failure with your common sense and planning. Moreover, indentifying the warning signs of failure can help you in minimizing the potential for data loss.

The Process Of Rebuilding A Hard Drive

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Why you need to rebuild hard drive?

After operating your computer for a couple of years, you hard drive becomes as personal as your diary. With passage of time, you gather numerous files from documents to pictures and other information, which is irreplaceable. If the worst thing happens and your hard drive proves a failure, then do not think that your endeavor comes to grinding halt. You can rebuild hard drive. But, at this you need to ask yourself whether you are competent enough to do this. If not, then go through the various steps being mentioned below:

The process of rebuilding a hard drive

rebuild hard drive

  • While rebuilding a computer system, the user would be in need of making a backup file containing all the pieces of information. This is achieved by simply making a copy of all data, which is important to the user including internet favorites, music, pictures and documents. This data is storable in another hard drive, CD, DVD or drive and several other devices for storage of data. All files or information in the computer after rebuilding needs to be copied by the user.
  • The second step entails location of the required software. The user needs to ensure that all the disks of the operating system are with him/her including all the applications of software, which need to be installed depending on the requirements of the user. The drivers of external devices such as printers are downloadable from the website of manufacturer. You need to make sure that all the serial numbers required in the process of installation of the software are manipulative.
  • The user needs to format the hard drive of computer. This process deletes all the stored information in the computer and should be carried out only when all the important data have been copied. You should be sure that software is easily found. Formatting of the hard drive eliminates all the information fed in the drive and cannot be retrieved as soon as it has started formatting. Typically, the procedure of arranging is accomplishable by insertion of the boot plate and afterward writing the ‘format c’.
  • When formatting has been done, you should start the process of installation of the software. You need to start with the oldest software and end up with the newer one. This is carried out as the newer one is generally more consistent and remains more updated in creating the issues with the more seasoned one which had been introduced prior. You should be sure of making installations of the all the important drivers. Users may also apply to personalize the settings as required.
  • Give back all the copied information as well as other documents to the computer. This entails copying all the pieces of information from the storage device, which had been used in creation of the backup file.
  • At last, you should take the test of the application in order to make sure that they are working in a proper way. For this, you need to open the application in order to ensure that they are carrying out work as they should be and there were no such problems during the process of installation. As a result, you will be able to rebuild hard drive more successfully.