Possible Causes Of Multiple Drive Failure

What is multiple drive failure?

Multiple drive failure is considered as one of the most frustrating issues for computer users, but it is also one of the simplest and easiest problems to get recovery from. If you have any suspicion about hard drive failure, then first of all you need to switch off your system. Having done this, you should have a free consultation from a shop of professional data recovery. Having a talk with a professional data recovery technician is absolutely free and will allow you to have an idea of what you are dealing with.

Causes of multiple drive failure

Mechanical Failure

Although many parts of a computer are electrical, the hard disk is considered as one of the important mechanical parts. So, it will certainly prove failure at some point. This kind of failure happens when the read-write head or other parts develop faults due to wear and tear. Its warning signs include noises like screeching, clicking or grinding. This shows that mechanical failure has developed. Quite similar to logical hard derive failure, frequent freezing and computer crashing are the common signs.

Logical Failure

This is a kind of non-physical failure that happens in a software or file structure of hard drive. Lots of factors are responsible for logical failure. They include corrupted files, human error and malware infections. This failure sometimes becomes so grave that the system stops to boot up. In many cases of such failure, a hard drive recovery service can restore data successfully since there is no damage to the hardware of drive. Its warning signs include sluggish system, disk errors and disappearing data. Other signs include ‘blue screen of death’ and computer crashes. As soon as you start experiencing such symptoms, the most appropriate thing to do is to support your data in case you haven’t done it already. If you are unable to access your data, hard disk recovery service can restore it.

Physical Damage

Shock, heat and water pose serious challenges and threats to external and internal hard drives. Both water and heat can cause considerable physical damage to electrical components of hard drives. These hard disks are not shock- resistant either. Therefore, physical impact or jarring drop can cause damage to the mechanical parts of the drive. Quite often, hard disk shock results in a head crash, which happens when the read-write head of the drive strikes the magnetic platter scratching the surface of the platter. As a result, irreparable data loss is caused. Its warning signs include insufficient ventilation, which can lead to overheating and at last cause considerable drive damage. You need to ensure that your fan of your computer is not blocked so that it can proffer sufficient ventilation. Bear in mind that your computer should not be too hot to touch. Shock damage and water can be difficult for avoidance. Typically, it happens quickly and with no warning. Taking good care of your computer is the most appropriate way of combating such risks.

How to avoid this menace?

You can overcome multiple drive failure with your common sense and planning. Moreover, indentifying the warning signs of failure can help you in minimizing the potential for data loss.

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