What A Tape Data Recovery Expert Can Do?

Importance of tape data recovery expert

Tape data recovery is a complete procedure in itself that requires the skills of tape data recovery expert. Tape data recovery is highly complicated linear tape data. Since data gets recorded on a long strand of tape, examining data for spotting errors is a time-consuming and tedious process. Since tape data recovery is very hard, veteran experts need to be employed for restoring tape data. This tape data recovery is also carried out quicker when executed in a clean room where data is manipulated in a proper order and maintained safe and secure. Security is a major concern while dealing with tape data since most of the companies store very useful and valuable financial data on tape backups.


 Tapes are used for storage of a substantial amount of data. This chiefly depends on the space that remains available to them. If one does not take care of the tapes, then they can lose the data which is saved inside. This can create a great loss to an organization since most of the organizations store their pertinent documents there. Tape data reco

tape data recovery expertvery entails whole process where corrupted data are completely stored. Data recovery comprises of a team of expert who are ready to work hard to ensure that every kind of data is recovered. With this kind of data which is lost because of exposure to water, can be recovered, but this depends on how pertinent the data is. There are many experts of tape data recovery, who make sure that that with a few steps, they can recover tape data even in the event of tape being damaged by water.

Steps adopted by tape data recovery expert for recovery of lost data

  • The expert puts the tapes in orderly fashion. The one that contains the most important data is regarded as the first to be recovered whereas those having less important data mentioned on the last list where the data can be recovered afterwards. This will save you much time that you could have wasted carrying out work all the tapes. Moreover, you need not pay for less important data.
  • They prioritize the tapes. Prioritization will allow you to select those which carry some best information.

Tape data recovery experts understand how pertinent your data is. This is cause why they provide an emergency service, a quick specialized investigation and a free no commitment cite for basic recuperation. Their technology and experience make sure that the opportunities of accomplishment for your basic information are unrivaled. Their information recuperation procedure is absolutely transparent. Pieces of information will be provided to you throughout the process of recovery by a diligent and dedicated consultant. They will thoroughly make analysis of your hard drive to set up the extent of the data loss, prior to providing a fixed quote for the recovery to you. Some of their services include the following:

  • 24:7:365 services available
  • 7% recovery rate
  • Certified by IEC/ ISO/ 90001 and Data Protection Act
  • Laboratory facilities and Class 100 clean room
  • Immediate analysis and inspection

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