Undelete Software Usually Doesn’t Delete Your Data

Undelete software is user friendly file recovery tool, which is absolutely free and really works exceptionally. There is hardly anything worse than loss of files whether through disaster or carelessness. This software will help you in cases such as scanning your computer for your deleted files and being dependent on the circumstances let you recover them.

This software will do scanning of any drive whether part of the computer or connected through a USB port. Once this software has done scanning for your files, it will provide you a list. Each and every entry is graded in accordance with how you will recover the file. You can do grouping of the results in accordance with folder location or file type. This file type is useful since it makes it easy for pinpointing where Word documents, music, photos etc are located.

What does undelete software do for you?

undelete softwareBy thoroughly checking a file, undelete software will provide you lots of pieces of information through the tabs at the top of the chief interface. Like all file recovery programs, the chances of successful recovery differ considerably, but with this software, the process is made very simple and easy. If you have deleted a file accidentally, then this software is one of your best accomplices to restore it back. Undelete is an extraordinary feature for restoring files of computer, which have been deleted by file deletion from a file system. Deleted data are recoverable on most of the file systems, but all file systems fail to provide a feature of undeletion. The facility of Windows 7/Vista undeletion is usually called as undelete program or undelete tool.

What steps you need to take?

  • First of all, you need to launch Data Recovery Wizard and choose the file types, which you want to get back. Having done this, you need to click “Next” button for switching over to the next step.
  • Secondly, choose the disk where you lose your data and then click the button of ‘Scan’. This software will rapidly do scanning of the chosen disk for getting back all your targeted files. In case, you lost your partition, then choose ‘Lost Disk Drives and ‘Scan’ in order to continue the process of recovery.
  • After scanning, you are free to preview all the recoverable files one by one and choose which you want. Having done this, click the button ‘Recover’ for getting them back. At this point, you should save all the recovered files on another disk for avoidance of data overwriting.

Important features of undelete software

  • Undelete folders and files emptied from Recycle Bin
  • Unformatted partition from hard drives formatted on EXT2/EXT3, NTFS, FAT32 and FAT 16 file systems.
  • Recover folder and files erased through DOS or Windows Command Line.
  • Get back temporary backup files made by applications such as Photoshop, Word etc.
  • Long filenames and support localized
  • File recovery from formatted logical, missing partition, lost or deleted drive.
  • File recovery from imaged hard disk drives
  • File recuperation from repartitioned drive.
  • EaseUS gives the most complete document undelete and undelete programming, for example, Information Recuperation Wizard for Windows

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